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I just shot another Wedding this past weekend. My new technique seems to streamline the process and relieve the stress not only on my part but that of the principles involved. I started making up a checklist and a points to cover list that I put in plain sight. There are three checklists in all, the first is a pre-ceremony that contains 20 points starting with the wide angle shot of the venue and ending with photos of the guests at the ceremony. The second is a list of points to cover during the ceremony that starts with the Ushers/Groomsmen seating people to the Wedding party walking out. I have included the important moments like the Groom’s expression when he first sees the bride to the kiss and the announcement. My third list is the after-ceremony photos. It starts with the Bride and Groom to the entire Wedding Party.

I know to some this may seem trivial and some will say they know this list by heart because they have been doing this for years, well so do I. I do this to help the Parents of the happy couple relax as well as sharing it all with the Bride and Groom days before the ceremony. It works wonders when you can say to the Mother of the bride “this is my reminder checklist to make sure I get every photo that counts” and ask her “Shall I add any requests for you?” You can then watch the concern fade away and your job get easier for it.

During the after-ceremony shoot I put the list out in plain sight and refer to it between shots. I check off, or have an assistant check off photos as they are composed. Everyone sees this, they know it is not a whim, all points are covered and there is a start and finish to the session. People are not standing around aimlessly and the Mothers can follow along without worry.

Weddings are fun but can oftentimes get hectic with all the people involved. I hope my fellow photographers will find this technique helpful and instead of concentrating on the small stuff you can concentrate on whats important.


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