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A Busy Summer

It has been a very busy time here in Jacksonville Florida. At least for me it has. I have been working an internship with the Florida Times Union, our local news paper and part of the Morris Communications Family.

My assignments have included everything from School Board events to Professional Football. My photos have been published in every part of the News Paper from an A-1 Front Page to page 2 of Metro News. It is a privilege and an accomplishment at the same time. It is one hell of a feeling to know industry professionals such as my editors think enough of my work, have faith in my ability and trust my judgement enough to send me out on a deadline assignment – and then publish my work.

It did not come easy – I made my mistakes. I learned that proper and precise identification is of the utmost importance, there is no room for speculation. I learned that there is a balance between creativity and truth in my work. There also has to be a preservation of journalistic integrity –  is my responsibility not only to capture the moment but to insure the moment tells the truth. There there is a fine line that balances both.

I am sad that this internship will end soon. The highlight is that I am a Freelance Photojournalist that has been tested, validated and proven ready.


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