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Flash Photography


Flash lighting can be useful when used in the right setting. Knowing when to use it is the thing I see people don’t understand.   A light fill is always useful for daytime photography outdoors and on location. The fill is intended to open up the shadows and reduce harsh lines while enhancing the human […]

OK I am Baffled


Little Big Man. I was at a recent concert doing a publicity gig when I ran across Little Big Man. Somebody felt sorry for Little Big Man and gave him a title. The presumed power of the title went straight to his little head. Little Big Man was now Little “Richard Cranium.” Demanding that members […]

Wednesday Blog – January 9, 2013


Gear. We all want it. We all use it. What about the price and alternatives? If you look at name brand gear you noticed the price. For example – a belt pouch from a world-brand, Canon, Nikon, etc. can be quite expensive. Recently I found myself wanting a belt pouch – it just made sense especially […]