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Flash Photography

Flash lighting can be useful when used in the right setting. Knowing when to use it is the thing I see people don’t understand.   A light fill is always useful for daytime photography outdoors and on location. The fill is intended to open up the shadows and reduce harsh lines while enhancing the human subject. A speed light is perfectly acceptable for this purpose, unless you want the attention and have a need to be noticed then a couple of assistants with soft-boxes  umbrellas and battery packs would be your choice.

When shooting sporting events in a professional arena, collegiate or otherwise, then the flash should be turned off. Most if not all players would appreciate it. Their job is to compete with one another, not with being blinded by your flash. Most sporting venues are lit adequately enough where a knowledgeable Photographer can get the shot. This is where a working understanding of light and exposure equivalents are necessary. It is also important to have the proper equipment. A lens with a minimum f-stop of 5.6 attached to a camera with the maximum iso of 1600 probably will not do the job in an indoor venue.

Concerts are the same. Most passes into the photo pit come with the stipulation of NO Flash. Performers don’t want the distraction. The stage lighting adds to the overall quality of the show and if you can’t work with it or don’t have the gear or knowledge – get out of the pit.


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