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The Anti-Photo Army (Pay to work Here!)

I work for everything I ever had, have or will have. I don’t go to events in Jacksonville very often unless I am working.  Everything I see at an event is generally through a viewfinder. I capture the images that tell the story of the event and the people involved.  I make it a point to befriend all those out there working for a living at these events. I shake hands, give and get a hug here and there, smile and tell jokes. I do this with everyone from the person at the gate to the usher at the aisle, from the venue manager to the talent that performs. I work to get along and I enjoy it.

I also have to deal with the “parking lot bullies”. The ones that act like I am stealing from them because I don’t want to give my meager earnings to them so I can go to work.  Why is it so hard to get any professional courtesy out of these “bullies?”  I tend to believe the money they collect from the working people they pocket. Every-time I had to “bribe”  one of these people I have never gotten a receipt,  a ticket showing the cost or any validation from them. Why? They pocket the money! The excuse that they are used to hearing stories from people who don’t want to pay does not wash with me. I am a credentialed Media Professional. Why does it take a 20 minute argument and contacting a supervisor to convince you to let me park on property and go to work?

I am seriously considering filing a formal complaint with the City of Jacksonville.  Maybe that will get the pot stirred up a bit.


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