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Fact of Business

I make an effort to not rant on this page, however this is relevant to my business:

I do not need to shoot for exposure. I work with highly regarded Media Outlets and professional sports companies. I am credible and fairly well known in NE Florida. I am sorry you did not budget a Photographer, however that is not my fault.

Food and Drink are fine. I have plenty in my home. Cash is not only preferred but currently what my creditors, JEA, Comcast and the Landlord will accept. When they accept Food and Drink as payment. so will I.

I do not need permission to use my work in my portfolio, although I do appreciate you offering to let me use some of my shots. The images I shoot do not belong to you until I assign them to you unless there is a contract in place stating otherwise, and compensation is adequate.

I am sure you will find an amateur photography enthusiast to cover you party. I am sure there is someone who will bite on the ‘get your name out’ scenario and I wish you luck in your search.


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