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New Challenge, Old Story…….

I have been going back and forth in my mind about writing this blog. Do I really want to go public? The half that says yes wins. Maybe it is better to vent and tell than it is to contain and silently scream, get mad and sometimes sulk.

So here it goes….
My Story

For many years I was a cocky, strong, fearless animal. I was enlisted into the United States Marine Corps at 16 1/2 with the blessings of the Court and caseworker. ( Looking back I say the biggest error of my life was getting discharged. Water under the bridge. )

Post Marines I tried the school route with frustrating success. Sure I was making good grades but the looks and whispering behind my back were hard to ignore. Being military was not “cool” in 1978. I stopped going to College and jumped into the Construction Trades chasing the almighty dollar. I became the bull on an Iron Crew. $35 an hour in 1979 was top dollar and mostly unheard of. I was living on top of the world, literally, the taller the building the more I liked it.

When I wasn’t building something I was throwing drunks out of bars as a bouncer. I eventually found my way to the Florida Keys working as a Contract Ironworker and as a Security Sergeant at the Holiday Isle Resort. I doubled up as a doorman at another local watering hole when I wasn’t building stuff.

The 94 – 95 Hurricane season led me to St Croix in the US Virgin Islands. I joined a crew to help get the Bar at the Hotel St Croix out of the swimming pool. When we weren’t working the project due to lack of materials, we worked in the community as volunteers rebuilding people’s homes, or sailed to some of the other leeward Islands helping with recovery. We made it all the way to Caracas to work on the Holiday Inn Resort, and then back to St Croix.

St Croix is where my life took a drastic change. I was working on the outside of the building setting scaffolding that had to be flown in by crane. The operator, drunken fool, hit the side of the scaffold and sent me to the ground. I got up mad, in pain and chased his ass off the jobsite. Little did I know my neck was damaged. I ended up going to the Doctor in St. Croix at the insistence of my good friend and job foreman. Unfortunately that Orthopedic Doctor shared his workspace with the Island Vet. Sitting in the office with a lady that had her dog in to see the Doctor was a little concerning.

Physically I was getting bad, losing the feelings in my hands and the ability to walk. I managed to get back to Miami and the Neck and Spine Institute. I was whisked into emergency surgery and a cervical fusion to relieve the swelling and repair the hole in my spinal cord. That was when I was told it wasn’t all about the injury and more about the onslaught of MS and Motor Neuron Disease. Da Fuk?

To be Continued………….


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