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Jacksonville Giants Basketball – 2013 Edition


The Jacksonville Giants close out their their last  regular  season home game this Saturday in the UNF Arena. The Giants are part of the ABA and play most of their Home Games in The Veterans Memorial Arena in Downtown Jacksonville. This season the Giants will host the 2013 ABA Final Four and the Championship game. […]

The Anti-Photo Army (Pay to work Here!)


I work for everything I ever had, have or will have. I don’t go to events in Jacksonville very often unless I am working.  Everything I see at an event is generally through a viewfinder. I capture the images that tell the story of the event and the people involved.  I make it a point […]

Flash Photography


Flash lighting can be useful when used in the right setting. Knowing when to use it is the thing I see people don’t understand.   A light fill is always useful for daytime photography outdoors and on location. The fill is intended to open up the shadows and reduce harsh lines while enhancing the human […]

OK I am Baffled


Little Big Man. I was at a recent concert doing a publicity gig when I ran across Little Big Man. Somebody felt sorry for Little Big Man and gave him a title. The presumed power of the title went straight to his little head. Little Big Man was now Little “Richard Cranium.” Demanding that members […]

A Busy Summer


It has been a very busy time here in Jacksonville Florida. At least for me it has. I have been working an internship with the Florida Times Union, our local news paper and part of the Morris Communications Family. My assignments have included everything from School Board events to Professional Football. My photos have been […]

My First Gallery Show


Something I though I would never do is enter my photographs into a show. That changed! As part of my Portfolio Class, each student entered entered 2 Photos into Gallery L in Jacksonville. My aprehensions were put to rest in the first hour of the opening. It felt quite good to hear perfect strangers compliment […]

Wedding Photography


I just shot another Wedding this past weekend. My new technique seems to streamline the process and relieve the stress not only on my part but that of the principles involved. I started making up a checklist and a points to cover list that I put in plain sight. There are three checklists in all, […]

Welcome to My Blog and Photo Showcase


I am a Web Designer and Photographer from Jacksonville Florida. I am also a student at the University of North Florida working on mu Fine Arts Degree. My major course of study is Photography and my interest is in the Photographic Arts.