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New Challenge, Old Story…….


I have been going back and forth in my mind about writing this blog. Do I really want to go public? The half that says yes wins. Maybe it is better to vent and tell than it is to contain and silently scream, get mad and sometimes sulk. So here it goes…. My Story For […]

Fact of Business


I make an effort to not rant on this page, however this is relevant to my business: I do not need to shoot for exposure. I work with highly regarded Media Outlets and professional sports companies. I am credible and fairly well known in NE Florida. I am sorry you did not budget a Photographer, […]

Jacksonville Giants Basketball – 2013 Edition


The Jacksonville Giants close out their their last  regular  season home game this Saturday in the UNF Arena. The Giants are part of the ABA and play most of their Home Games in The Veterans Memorial Arena in Downtown Jacksonville. This season the Giants will host the 2013 ABA Final Four and the Championship game. […]

The Anti-Photo Army (Pay to work Here!)


I work for everything I ever had, have or will have. I don’t go to events in Jacksonville very often unless I am working.  Everything I see at an event is generally through a viewfinder. I capture the images that tell the story of the event and the people involved.  I make it a point […]

OK I am Baffled


Little Big Man. I was at a recent concert doing a publicity gig when I ran across Little Big Man. Somebody felt sorry for Little Big Man and gave him a title. The presumed power of the title went straight to his little head. Little Big Man was now Little “Richard Cranium.” Demanding that members […]

Wednesday Blog – January 9, 2013


Gear. We all want it. We all use it. What about the price and alternatives? If you look at name brand gear you noticed the price. For example – a belt pouch from a world-brand, Canon, Nikon, etc. can be quite expensive. Recently I found myself wanting a belt pouch – it just made sense especially […]

A Busy Summer


It has been a very busy time here in Jacksonville Florida. At least for me it has. I have been working an internship with the Florida Times Union, our local news paper and part of the Morris Communications Family. My assignments have included everything from School Board events to Professional Football. My photos have been […]