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Fact of Business


I make an effort to not rant on this page, however this is relevant to my business: I do not need to shoot for exposure. I work with highly regarded Media Outlets and professional sports companies. I am credible and fairly well known in NE Florida. I am sorry you did not budget a Photographer, […]

The Anti-Photo Army (Pay to work Here!)


I work for everything I ever had, have or will have. I don’t go to events in Jacksonville very often unless I am working.  Everything I see at an event is generally through a viewfinder. I capture the images that tell the story of the event and the people involved.  I make it a point […]

Flash Photography


Flash lighting can be useful when used in the right setting. Knowing when to use it is the thing I see people don’t understand.   A light fill is always useful for daytime photography outdoors and on location. The fill is intended to open up the shadows and reduce harsh lines while enhancing the human […]